Fix Planet Club is a microgrant program focused on supporting innovation and research in the climate technology space. In particular we support individuals wishing to undertake a project satisfying the following criteria.


The project:

  1. Advances the ecosystem of climate technology,

and addresses at least one of the following additional criteria:

  1. Provides value or support to the local community, or
  2. Addresses, includes, and supports marginalised communities, or
  3. Provides a learning or growth opportunity to the individual themselves, or
  4. Otherwise builds out the general capability for other people and organisations to do valuable climate work in the public interest.

Grant size

We offer a £1,000 no strings attached grant, paid directly to your bank account. Payment is made in three parts, forty percent upon acceptance, and the remainder paid out in the accordance of meeting the milestones.

Payout scheme according to the milestones: 40% on acceptance, 30% on check-in and the final 30% on the final deliverable.


Coming soon!

Selection criteria

Coming soon!


  1. Project kickoff after acceptance
  2. Mid-way through - formal check-in
  3. Final deliverable: A blog post or video describing the work done and any other thoughts/follow-ups.

Important dates

Coming soon!

Open feedback

We value open, honest, thoughtful feedback, and we want to make sure that we are operating in a way that people (and the planet!) find useful. Is this program of potential interest to you, but missing something? Are there some big or small changes to our format that would make it far more effective for you?

If you have any thoughts along these lines, please let us know. We can’t promise to be able to address everything, but we will read and consider any communication.


All our governance and organisation details can be found open-source on GitHub. We invite (and welcome!) your participation through GitHub or slack.